The Team

The Hygiene Excellence team is varied and the skills of our team are designed in such a way to enhance the areas of expertise that Hygiene Excellence operates in.

John Ryan is Managing Partner of Hygiene Excellence since its inception in 2003.  John previously had 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry and prior to that had experience in the department store business.  He has been actively working throughout his career in a senior management roll at all venues. 

Hygiene Excellence was set up in 2003 by John & Caroline Ryan to provide what was considered to be a gap in the market in food safety management with the inception of new regulations in 2000 regarding food safety management across the European Union. 


John developed a managed food safety management system adaptable to all types of business and sizes to help them comply with current and future legislation in being able to critically analyse their business and come up with control measures to either eliminate threats or control threats which may have an impact on the safe delivery of food to the clients customers.  This programme has been developing over the years and there is now an extensive degree of national recognition of its success. 

The system is quiet extensive and varied now and has provided a simple easy to use system with back up from Hygiene Excellence to ensure compliance going forward.  The system is a one stop shop which encompasses training, analysis, recording and traceability. 

John has also developed a new type of labelling system which has also received great acclaim for its authenticity and its accuracy in ensuring that traceability for all high risk product is achievable in all premises who use this effectively.