Easy Label Pro

labelling system by Hygiene Excellence

What Is Easy label pro

Easy Label Pro is a labelling system designed by Hygiene Excellence for distribution nationwide.  This system derives from a European model and is the most simplest and easy to use form of internal labelling to ensure accuracy and compliance with current food safety legislation. 

It is also designed to ensure internal traceability and the additional charts which are supplied in this section will give you some idea as to how it works. 

You have two different specific types of labels, we have day labels and then we have refrigeration labels, freezer labels, use first labels and allergen labels. 

Day Labels are Monday to Sunday and these require no pen as each label tells you how long the product can be kept for.  For example Monday says Use By Wednesday, Tuesday Use By Thursday etc.  So if the product does not require tracing a simple day dot on the product will suffice.

Use First Label speaks for itself and it is in red so that it is highlighted and this ensures that even though a product may not be put on the top to be used directly the Use First label will still be the default.

Allergen Label is also used in conjunction with allergens legislation which has come out in 2014 and while not mandatory it does help to ensure that all staff are aware what allergens on in their food to ensure cross-contamination does not occur.

Refrigeration Label has a position on it where the day dot can be placed and on the top right hand corner of the label you will see with the example of the sheet that had been provided the traceability number of the delivery goes in there and the type of product goes at the top of the label and the day dot goes in the centre.  This is all that is needed to ensure traceability.  The number in it is not the batch number of the product but the number of the delivery that it came in on.

operations in conjunction with the refrigeration label and if you have a chilled product that you are going to freeze from a chilled delivery the freezer label is simply placed beside the chilled label but not covering it where the trace number can be written and the product can be frozen.  The date frozen is then written on the label and then when it is eventually taken out to thaw the date thawed can be written on the same label. 

The retention of all of these labels for traceability is another aspect of the system which your own in-house system should provide. 

Regarding the internal traceability number, you will note that the sample we have provided here is a delivery sheet and every line on the left hand side is numbered.  The sample we have given you is a delivery from Pallas Foods and the delivery came in on the 20th of October 2020, Trace No. 1801 and because there are additional products in there which have to be individually traced i.e. Beef, Lamb, Poultry, Cod, Steaks & Beef Mince, they are all given the same number 1801 because now they can be traced by their type also.  The one number links with the one delivery and even though they have all got different batch numbers you don’t have to remember these batch numbers once you have written them down because the internal trace number of 1801 will be the link.  Therefore as you label your food prior to cooking, that number will be on the label and your internal cooking sheets etc. can also have a facility on it for recording that number also.  This will ensure that you will always know what batch you are using and the internal trace number will help you rotate your product and also ensure that you are compliant at all stages. 

The additional fact sheets that are supplied in this section will give you a greater degree of explanation as to how it works but in terms of food safety management this is the simplest most accurate easy to use system available on the market today.  It is manufactured in Waterford, it is an Irish product and to our knowledge the only Irish labelling product available.