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Excellence in Hygiene

Hygiene Excellence

Hygiene Excellence is a Food Safety Management company and also a product company set up in 2003 in reaction to new legislation which was enacted in 2000 regarding food safety management on a European wide basis. 

Hygiene Excellence provides food safety management to the hospitality industry, butchers shops, nursing homes, food delis and takeaways nationwide. 

We supply a management system which works in conjunction with a monthly service providing everything that is required.  Please go to the Food Safety Management section of our site for further information. 


We also provide an extensive list of products associated with the hospitality industry and we are one of the countries largest wholesale suppliers of Nisbets.  We are therefore in a position to supply cleaning and chemical products, paper products, paper napkins, toilet rolls, work surface degreasers, work surface sanitisers and a full range of PPE and associated products in line with the Covid-19 recommendations nationwide. 





Easy Label Pro

Hygiene Excellence have been supplying nationwide since 2003 and we run a professional service in terms of food safety management and associated products. Our Easy Label Pro labelling system is an internal labelling system for hotels and restaurants to comply with current legislation and these are manufactured in Ireland to our design. Please go to the Easy Label Pro section of our website for further information

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