Quality Policy

Food Safety Management Systems 

Our Aim

The aim at Hygiene Excellence, Unit 2/3 Strand Street, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford that management shall be committed to:-Providing a hygiene monitoring service to assist food operators/owners in running their businesses to the required legislative standard within food safety.  Hygiene Excellence will provide a monitoring service which will incorporate a food safety management system for each client covering every aspect of their business, to assist businesses to perform their tasks in a hygienic manner, so that the safety, soundness and wholesomeness of the food they process is not at risk.  To this end the standard of food safety procedures as practised by hygiene excellence management on it’s clients shall be at least comparable to one of the following:-

Irish Standard 340 (I.S.340:2007) entitled ‘Hygiene in the Catering Sector’.

Irish Standard 341 (I.S.341:2007) entitled ‘Hygiene in the Catering Sector & Wholesale Sector’.

Irish Standard 342 (I.S.342:1997) entitled ‘Good Hygiene Practice for the Food Processing Industry, Council Directive 93/43 EEC on the Hygiene of Foodstuffs’.

European Standard (I.S. EN ISO 22000:2018) entitled ‘Food Safety Management

Incorporating HACCP’

Our Clients

All Hygiene Excellence clients on our monitoring system will receive induction, on-the-job training and follow-on hygiene training commensurate with their work activity.  Also, all Hygiene Excellence Inspection staff are experienced Qualified Chef’s fully trained by Hygiene Excellence in required food safety procedures.  All clients and their staff shall be assisted in providing hygiene training in the areas of:-

  1. Reasons for good hygiene practices
  2. Personal Hygiene
  3. Cleaning
  4. Pest Control
  5. Food Safety
  6. Food Labelling
  7. Product Traceability
  8. Food Allergens
  9. Covid-19 Additional Measures

Such that the principles of food safety Hazard Analysis (HACCP) as implemented on-site can be maintained safely and effectively. 

Core Business

Food Safety Management is the core business of Hygiene Excellence in terms of food safety management and its application.  It operates on a provision of everything a client needs to be compliant from a food safety management perspective which is provided up front by Hygiene Excellence.  The system is paid for by way of a monthly fee agreed in advance and this covers everything that the client is supplied with from the outset.  You will also see in this section a pdf copy of our brochure which has detailed sections of how we interpret food safety management in the industry generally and how it can impact and improve your business.  Essentially everything in the brochure is provided in the programme and to a lesser or to a greater degree this can be enhanced based on the client needs. 

The brochure lists a selection of clients who are currently using our system and it also refers to our quality policy which ensures the standard of food safety management you will be receiving.  There are also some sample photographs as to how this is done as every premises is slightly different and all records, documentation and signage are made specific to that particular premises. 

The content of our food safety management programme consist of the following:

The programme we offer will include the following:-

  1. The creation of a HACCP system for your premises, covering all aspects of:-

            I.S. 340:2007, I.S. 341:2007, I.S. 342:1998 & I.S. EN ISO 22000:2018 (HACCP)

  1. The provision and supply of all charts, cleaning rotas, and records, which will be amended as required.
  2. The creation of all process flow charts mapping the passage of all high risk food through the kitchens.
  3. The creation of a Food Safety Policy for public display.
  4. The creation of a Personal Hygiene Policy.
  5. The creation of procedures covering all high risk areas/functions in the kitchen.
  6. Analysis of suppliers and chemicals. Pest Control is also included. 
  7. Temperature probe calibration is provided free, and can be re-checked at any time.
  8. The system will include all signage (Vinyl) and replacement of signage.
  9. All kitchens will be zoned with vinyl signage to indicate all critical areas to staff and visitors.
  10. The training of staff in the HACCP system. This will be completed at different stages covering Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 (supervisory management) as published by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, and training is certified and traceable.  The cost of this is included. 
  11. Hygiene Excellence produce our own Food Label System in Ireland (Easy Label Pro). These food labels are the simplest and most compliant type available.  Product can be purchased by clients when our inspectors call or by any premises using the contact details above. 
  12. Additional Covid-19 personal hygiene protection measures are also included for the kitchen and front of house staff.
  13. Monthly audits/visits will be carried out at random to insure full compliance of all staff with the Food Safety Management System (HACCP) and reports will be published on all visits/audits and will be located in the audit folder located in the kitchen. These reports and all records will be available for inspection by you or visiting EHO’s at any time.  
  14. Your kitchen will be zoned and labelled to indicate to all staff and visitors where the various high risk areas of the kitchens are, and also what the critical limits permitted are. Where possible signage will be provided in each area outlining critical limits permitted.  This approach allows for easier understanding of HACCP and aids staff training. 
  15. All our Food Safety Management System include a procedures Manual which includes all information required by all staff at all levels. This insures that everyone can access food safety information commensurate with their work level. 
  16. Monthly audit reports can be combined into a quarterly points audit report which give grades for each section of the audit report which you would have received monthly. This is an excellent tool for giving a quantifying mark that chefs can easily understand and evaluate and also gives them a marker from which they can improve.  Included in the brochure are sample copies of monthly audit report and quarterly points audit reports. 

audit staff

Once operational, Hygiene Excellence audit staff will call monthly unannounced and carry out an audit on each kitchen.  This audit will cover everything of an operational nature and reports published & graded.  The system will be reviewed every six months and up-dated as required.

A flat monthly fee secures the service, and payment will be by Direct Debit/Inter Bank Transfer.  Payment is received on the first week of each month for the previous month’s service.  There is no upfront fee required and you pay monthly for the service.  Therefore there is no financial risk to you in initiating this service, and you can withdraw from the service at any time.  However, the system and signage etc. would also be removed should that occur. 

Hygiene Excellence is in a position to provide this service to your premises.  I would be delighted to arrange a meeting with you and your team to discuss this further.  I have enclosed further information on our firm and I will make contact with you at a later date to discuss a date and time to meet if that is your wish. 

Also included in our brochure are sample photographs of various different premises which will give you an idea of the end result so that you are in no doubt of the standard and the level of expertise to be supplied to your business.  Please feel free to make contact with us at any stage where we can meet and discuss your requirements.